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一茶軒老班章普洱茶磚• One Tea House Laobanzhang Tea Brick (Raw Puer)



In China tea market, Lao Ban Zhang is famously referred as the King of Raw Pu-er tea. Its flavor is uniquely strong with bold, complex taste. Tea connoisseurs often describe the taste of Lao Ban Zhang as superiorly dominant. This is why they crowned Lao Ban Zhang as “The King”.

Lao Ban Zhang is situated at 1700-1900m high mountain area. Such high altitude is rare in tropical part of South Yunnan. The average temperature yearly is 18.7 degree Celsius. For almost half of the entire year, this mountainous area of Lao Ban Zhang village is covered in thick fog. According to the official record, it is estimated that there are 78,555 tea trees aged more than 100 years old, 70,866 tea trees that is more than 200 years old, 37,076 tea trees aged more than 500 years old and 9,412 tea trees more than 800 years old.

This tea brick employs leaves picked from Lao Ban Zhang and fixed by the traditional sun drying method. The fleshy tea buds yield firm and delicate leaves with a remarkable colour. The brew has a vivid character and refreshes the mouth upon sipping. The clear, golden yellow liquid is sweet and mellow, which gradually gives way to a sustained aftertaste. A gem highly worth tasting and collecting.

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