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竹筒古樹普洱生茶 • Bamboo (Raw) Pu'er



Recognizing that Pu'er tea comes in different shapes, sizes and forms, this round bamboo stalk stuffed with raw Pu'er tea should be no surprise.

The bamboo is harvested at a special time once a year when the aromatic bamboo is still relatively young and imbued with an incense like smell. Raw Pu'er leaves have been forced down in the the open end of the aromatic bamboo section, then bamboo sections are barbecued in a wood fire. As the bamboo dries in the fire the special aroma intermingles with the Pu'er inside. Therefore, the bamboo tea offers a light, almost malty taste, with a subtle note of bamboo scent. The tea liquor is golden yellow and transparent. As it ages, this tea will cup to many, many layers and soothing, fresh earthy and fruity aroma. Some lovers of this tea find hints of sugarcane in the aged leaves.

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