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Peach Bush originates from the mountains of Fenghuang county, Chaoan, Guangdong Province. It is praised for its “pretty shape, bright colour, lavish aroma and sweet taste”. Sitting at more than 1,000 metres above sea level, the mountainous region in Fenghuang is home to tea plants older than 200 years old. The Peach Bush they produce is endowed with a natural temperament, and a sweet peach bouquet.
The Peach Bush at One Teahouse is made from tea leaves picked in a delicate process. It has a stout, straight appearance. The brew is clear and bright in orange-yellow. As the steam of the brew wafts in the air, an exquisite fruity aroma spreads in the immediate surrounding as a prelude to the drinking experience. It is also a tea that can be brewed many times. Its deep and mellow flavour soothes the throat.

Peach Bush - 水蜜桃單欉

100 公克
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