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水蜜桃單欉 • Peach Bush


水蜜桃單欉外形緊實沈重,條索粗壯,勻整挺直,茶湯色澤黃褐,油潤有光,有獨特天然水蜜桃果香,滋味濃醇鮮爽,潤喉回甘。水蜜桃單叢能提高能量代謝;提神醒腦;溶解脂肪、降低膽固醇 ,而且其不寒不熱的特性,能徹底消除體內的餘熱,恢復味甘性溫,使人神清氣爽。

Peach Bush are special types of Oolong from Wu Dong Mountain in Guandong province, China. Wu Dong Mountain (1400m) is known to be the best place for quality Peach Bush thanks to its altitude, clay and the age of tree.

Peach Bush is prized for its overwhelming extent of fruitiness. Picked in early spring, Peach Bush is mid-oxidized before receiving several light charcoal roasts. The dry leaves carry a hint of peach and honeydew. A remarkably long finish soon follows, anchoring these flavors long after the tea is gone.

The lightly-fermented tea boasts of a strong taste, which energizes both the body and the mind. So the next time you feel exhausted, just sip on some Peach Bush. The tea is also said to be beneficial in lowering cholesterol level while boosting metabolism.

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