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Yixing Teapot (By Appointment)
宜興紫砂壺 (敬請預約到店查詢)




A regular purple clay teapot takes more than 10 procedures and A more complicated one takes 10 of or even a hundred procedures.

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紫砂茶壺的工藝美術 – 貼花

The Art of Purple Clay Teapot – Applique decoration

This is the embellishment of the vessel with sculpted, kneaded or press-moulded clay decorations in relief before the ware is directly fired. This decoration method came into fashion during the second half of the 17th century.



There's a saying in China that "water is the mother of tea, and the teapot is the father". It means that the Purple Clay teapot is just as important in making and serving tea as tea leaves and water. Purple Clay teapot is China's gold standard when it comes to brewing equipment because of its porous nature and its rich mineral content. Tea brewed in a Purple Clay teapot develops a richer flavor and taste.

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