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Da Hong Pao is produced on the cliffs of Jiulongyu, located in the northeast of the Wuyi Mountain, Fujian. It is highly reputed around the world as one of the four rock teas of Wuyi, and even hailed as the “king of tea”. The high mountain cliff terrain is surrounded by rich water sources, where natural organisms like moss provide valuable nutrients to the soil. This largely benefits the growth of the tea plant.
Having a tanned green shade, One Teahouse’s Da Hong Pao tea is shaped firmly. The brew comes in a bright orange colour, while the tea leaves turn into an alternating reddish-green tone. What also makes it distinctive is its lovely bouquet of orchid, which stays in the mouth for a long time. The vivid flavour reminiscent of the plant’s rocky habitat can be tasted even after six to seven brews. While enjoying Da Hong Pao, the tea drinker is suggested to take the time to really let the complexities behind the tea reveal themselves.

Da Hong Pao - 大紅袍

100 公克
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