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Naka Pu’er has long been one of the emblems of the mountain teas fromYunnan. Made from ancient tea plants, it is the best representative of the Mengsong tea region. Aged between 300 and 500 years, these tea plants are cultivated over a large area. Naka tea’s excellence draws comparison to the famed variety Banzhang. This tea cake employs leaves picked from the Naka tea plants in 2009 and fixed by the traditional sun drying method. The fleshy tea buds yield firm and delicate leaves with a remarkable colour. The brew has a vivid character and refreshes the mouth upon sipping. The clear, golden yellow liquid is sweet and mellow, which gradually gives way to a sustained aftertaste. A gem highly worth tasting and collecting.

Naka Pu’er Tea Cake 2009 (Raw Tea) - 那卡普洱餅茶2009年 (生茶)

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