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Naka is located in Mount Mengsong, Sipsong Panna, Yunnan. The mountain is dotted with ancient tea plants and one of the oldest tea-producing zones in the Menghai County. Naka Pu’er is favoured for its noble temperament, a part of which comes from its pure scent. It ranked highly among all kinds of Pu’er historically, being a tribute to the royal courts of Qing Dynasty and Burma.

This is because Naka has a large number of ancient, quality tea plants.
This tea cake is made with leaves from Naka, which were fixed by the traditional sun drying method. The brew is golden yellow, exuding a vigorous temperament reminiscent of the wild mountain. The leaves can yield many brews with the strong aftertaste intact. To fully appreciate its sweet flavour, it is recommended to not add to many leaves. Since the tea is still young, there is room for the flavour to mature and develop.

Naka Pu’er Tea Cake 2016 (Raw Tea) - 那卡記憶普洱餅茶2016年 (生茶)

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