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Unique to China, Oriental Pearl Jasmine is made with a mix of white tea leaves andjasmine flower. The product offered by One Teahouse is prepared through a sophisticated procedure. Firstly, the tea and flower are selected very carefully by hand. The choice of tea is pre-Ching Ming Fuding white – only shoots with one bud
and one leaf are selected. They are mixed with single-petal and double-petal jasmine flowers. The tea is produced only once every year, with the mixing process taking place between July and September when the jasmine blossoms.

The preparation process is very time-consuming. The tea is hand-rolled into pearl shape, firm and shiny on the surface. Apart from that, it is mixed with jasmine flowers seven times* by hand to give the leaves an ethereal aroma. Even five brews later, the scent still remains as strong as the first. In terms of flavour, drinkers will not only be impressed by its sweetness, they will also feel the taste of jasmine penetrating the tongue.
* Traditionally floral teas are mixed with flowers three to four times. Since tea leaves naturally absorbs smells, this process would help the tea acquire the fragrance of the flowers. To intensify the perfume in the tea, One Teahouse employs 800 catties of flowers to make 100 catties of tea; the tea and flower are mixed for seven times.

Oriental Pearl Jasmine - 寶珠香片

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