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It was in northern Fujian – the production hub of tribute teas sent to the emperors – where Jasmine tea was first made. Based on the origin, it can now be categorised into Wuyi Shui Xian, Northern Fujian Shui Xian and Southern Fujian Shui Xian.

Among the three branches, One Teahouse selects the more revered Wuyi Shui Xian, which benefits from the mountainous location of cultivation and unique rock tea making technique. The most outstanding quality of Shui Xian is mellowness, meaning
that it tastes and smells rounded and smooth. Our Shui Xian tea leaves are especially plump with an olive colour, defined veins and an elegant aroma. The brew is deep orange-yellow, carrying a unique bouquet of orchid and wood. Soothing and rich, drinkers can feel the sip of tea coating the throat.

Shui Xian - 水仙

100 公克
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