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White Peony is a variety native to Fuding and Zhenghe in Fujian Province. It is madefrom premium species of tea plants, and within them, only the shoots with one bud and one or two leaves are chosen. The name of the tea comes from its wilted flower-
like shape, as well as the way the tea leaves reconstitute in brewing, which looks like a blossoming flower.
The tea leaves for making One Teahouse’s White Peony must pass through a high barrier. They should be firm, tender and white. In addition, they need to be picked according to traditional standards: as the shoots are collected from the first harvest,
the bud and leaves should share the same length and be covered with white hair. The buds harvested in summer and autumn are leaner and thus deemed not suitable for White Peony.
The White Peony from One Teahouse has a deep moss colour. Attached to the stems, the leaves are broad and tender. Their edges roll slightly towards the greyish back.
After brewed, the tea features a lasting and clean aroma, as well as a bright, amber shade. Every sip is accompanied by a subtle sweetness.

White Peony - 白牡丹

100 公克
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